Imperial Spy Agents

You fight for the greatest Empire in the world! You are an elite-fighting machine. Your duty is to the protection of the Emperor, to the protection of the loyal citizens, to the protection of the empire, and to the elimination of all those who jeopardize that the continuity or safety of those you must protect. You are an Imperial Spy Agent. Your long time enemy to the state has been the terrorist organization known only as the resistance. These dirty lowlifes are bend on destroying the empire from the ground up returning it to the corrupt fragmented government of the previous age. They have killed your comrades in arms, as well as helpless civilians, these terrorists will stop at nothing to destroy it all. Destroy them first soldier, as is your duty to the ISA, to the Emperor, and to the Empire.


The minority-party has been in power for decades now. The old government is but a spec of dust in the shadow of the new empire. The majority of imperial citizens enjoy this new life. The majority of citizens don’t know what you know. You know that many of your friends and family have died or gone “missing” by the hands of the ruthless elite units of the Empire, the Imperil Spy Agents (ISA). You will fight to the end of days to free this world from their fear-mongering grasp. You will fight for your right to live free from a régime bent controlling its “citizens” through fear and oppression.