The Game

Rebellion Rising is a Massive, Team-oriented, Urban Game based on stories of espionage and childhood game of tag. Played within a large-scale space, such as a college campus, participants integrate the game into their lives for 7 days. Game play is designed for varied levels of participation, from passive to extremely involved.



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The Story

In this world, a government has now been in power for decades. There are those who enjoy this new form of rule and welcome its protection form a secret team of elite soldiers known as Imperial Spy Agents or the ISA for short. There are those however, who remember a different way of life and wish deeply to return to it. These Rebels fight in secret against this government, calling it a de facto régime bent on controlling it’s “citizens” through fear and oppression. The Government think of these Rebels as Terrorists, the Rebels see the ISA as Ruthless murderers of their friends and families.