Updates – Rule Modifications

Posted: December 1st, 2009 | No Comments »

Due to unforeseen issues in interaction (which can happen in a game being played on a large scale), there have been some modifications to the rules in order to clarify situations that have come up.

They are highlighted in red on the website but here they are as well:

• Kills: Made by making physical contact (tagging) with the person (not their bag, not their drawing board and not the sculpture they’re trying to get to class, them). <-- Needed Clarification
• The dead player cannot interact with the game in any way, until their life is reinstated. <-- Needed Clarification
• Disputes (ie. you both killed each other at the same time) are solved with the simple game of “Rock/paper/Scissor/shoot” or a coin flip. <-- conflict avoidance

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