Rules (In Process)

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The Game:
Rebellion Rising is a team-based Massive Multiplayer Live-Action Game (or MMLAG) based on stories of espionage and childhood games of tag. Played within a large-scale space, such as a college campus, participants integrate the game into their lives for 7 days. Game play is designed for varied levels of participation, from passive to extremely involved.

The Story:
In this world, a Minority-Party had taken power and for decades has reshaped government. There are those who enjoy this new form of rule and welcome its protection by a secret team of elite soldiers known as Imperial Spy Agents (the ISA). There are those however, who preferred an older way of living and government structure. These Rebels fight in secret against the government, calling it a de facto régime bent on controlling it’s “citizens” through fear and oppression. The Government thinks of these Rebels as terrorists. The Rebels see the ISA as ruthless murderers of their friends and families.

• The Rebels: Rebels fight for the Resistance and want to overthrow the de facto government.
• The ISA: Known as Imperial Spy Agents, they must destroy the terrorists called rebels.

• Perspective players sign-up using the online form at
• Players are secretly assigned to teams and are provided with an ID number.

Game play:
• Kills: Made by making physical contact (tagging) using any of the allowed weapons.
• Death: After being killed (tagged), the dead forfeits their ID number to the killer. The Killer then txts/email the ID number, the location, and the weapon used to
• Re-spawn: Dead players are re-spawned the next day with a new ID number, sent by email.
• Missions: Assigned once a day through email, missions provide opportunities for team bonuses towards the final mission, as well as reveal aspects of story.
• Winning: a last-person-standing motif at the final mission decides the winning team.
• Player awards: Individual awards for most kills, variety of kills survival and more will be awarded daily to participants of both teams, as well as at the end of the game.
• Theatrics: Dramatically dying and dressing for the part are encouraged.
• D-Bags/A-Holes: Those individuals playing to break the game or playing to win by cheating will be banned from the game. We’re ALL trying to have fun.

• Clean Balled-up Socks: A one hit Kill grenade, or touching weapon.
• Un-Modified Nerf Maverick Rev-6: No paint jobs at all. This is for your safety.
• Other weapons and upgrades: Other weapons will be announced as the game progresses.
• Rules on weapons: 1] No realistic looking weaponry. 2] Don’t display your weaponry inside academic buildings and work. 3] Hit/shoot yourself with it. Does it hurt? If yes, then the item is not allowed. 4] All items are subject to approval by a game moderator.

Safe Zones (individuals of either side cannot be attacked in these locations):
• Dorm-rooms and apartments (not including hallways and walkways)
• Public and Private Restrooms.
• Academic Buildings/Offices/Art Galleries (see website for details).
• Meyerhoff Fitness Center.
• Mt Royal Medical Center.
• Meyerhoff Cafeteria (during business hours: 7:30am to 7:30pm).
• Places of Employment/work study/while on the clock.
• Transportation: MICA Vehicles, MTA and Colltown Buses, light rail, cars, and bikes. (Safe until you have moved 10 ft away from the vehicle or it has pulled away).

Other Rules:
• Attacking non-players on purpose could result in being banned from the game.
• Individuals must have both feet outside of a safe zone to tag or be tagged.
• Athletes are safe during official practices and games, but not on the way to or from practice/games.
• Similarly, students at required academic/SAO events are safe for the duration of the event (even if this event is in a free-play zone), but they are not safe on the way to or from the event (weekly club meetings, do not count).
• Plan to sleep on or near campus for the game (see map). It’s a matter of fair play.
• Game missions and Kills are allowed to occur off campus (see map) at players’ expense.
• During the game participants MUST abide by all Baltimore City, Maryland, and Institute Laws and policies. This is for your safety.

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    Map Revised.