National News Network – Final Broadcast

Posted: December 7th, 2009 | No Comments »

Good evening citizens,
This is Chase Bentley with a Special report:
"A massive rebel assault force made a run on the Imperial Compound in the capital, as well as several major cities, yesterday. Gun fights enveloped the Imperial grounds and buildings of the compound for hours. Imperial forces made a number of successful attempts to push back the rebellion to no avail, as rebel forces pushed back slowly gaining more and more ground up towards the central palace. Intelligence had stated that the Emperor had barricaded himself with his most trusted generals and ISA in the security wing of the building. It was only a matter of time before the rebel force managed to make a final assault on the palace. There is no official report at this time but sources say that emperor was killed in a final stand off. Rebel leaders are asking that all Imperial forces to come forward and surrender their arms at flagged locations in major cities, those that do will be given full protection under the law of the new government, which is still being formalized.

This has been Chase Bentley for the National News Network, signing off."

After crippling losses during the week's missions, the Rebel team took the Game Master by surprise (admittedly), and won the game.

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