National News Network – Day 7

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Good morning citizens,
This is Chase Bentley with a Special report:
“Yesterday a Defector, accused of attempting to give sensitive information to rebel terrorists, leading to many more deaths, was killed after a lengthy gun battle. The emperor has commented on the valiant work this soldiers have done in protecting this great nation. In related news, the Military is rolling out a new weapon they would like to call the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25. The first units are coming into service now”

Now for the morning report:
– All Lives have been reinstated with new ID numbers.
– If you see a player giving a tour (for national portfolio day), it counts as them being at work, don’t attack them.
– Note on today’s Mission:
I want everyone to be able to participate. As such, if anyone is killed this morning, all lives are reinstated at 2:30pm in preparation for the Final Mission. Until then however, RACK UP THOSE KILLS!!!

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