A few last words from your Game Master Max

Posted: December 7th, 2009 | No Comments »

Dear: Carl, Cassie, Michael, Elle, Eric, Jessica, Karli, Kate, Lauren, Chainmail Mike, Classy Mike, Natalie, Samdolf, Sara B., Sarah R., Zach, Ashley, Barbara, Bianca, Liz H., Liz P., Heather, Jeremy, Kody, kt, Noni, Pio, Ricardo, and (last but not least) Rosey.

I would like to give you all a final thank you for joining me in this endeavor. It has been a long process for everyone, complete with high points and low points. None of you were forced to play but all of you jumped to the chance, in order to have a great experience while playing out a themed game of tag. Thank you for making this a memorable experience for yourselves as well as a wonderful interactive experience for me.

If any of you took pictures or video of the game I would love to get some high-res versions/clips of what you took. Feel free to share them with me via email or at dinner (I usually have my computer) and I’ll post them to the website’s media page. I might use any video footage in my promo/documentary short. I will also have my camera at dinners if anyone would like to share their experience of the game on tape, such as awesome kills, thoughts of the story, suggestions for future versions, etc…

In closing, Thank you for participating in Version 1.0 of Rebellion Rising A Massive Game of Espionage-style Tag.

I hope everyone joins Zach, me, and the other secret mods for MICA’s first game of Humans Vs Zombies this coming Spring Semester (currently set kick-off on Wednesday, February 17th).